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Welcome to Oxford!

I'd like to extend a very warm welcome to all those who are new to Oxford! We hope that you'll love this amazing city of dreaming spires as much as we all do here at the student fellowship! While you are settling down, come meet us at the Brookes freshers fair on 20th September, and then join us in the Oxford orientation tour the day after on 21st September - we hope that you'll like our showcase of the hidden gems in Oxford!

Then meet new friends the Saturday after on 28th September with our buffet and bowling event. There are also snooker tables and arcade games in the same complex, so may be you can challenge your newly met friends in a pleasant game of Daytona!

Then finally get to know us better and join us in our welcome party on 5th October - with free food, drinks and games. That's it for now and we look forward to seeing you soon! Do drop me a line should you need any help or more info!


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